Carmel Chamber Workplan

2020 Plan of Work

Here is a list of Board appointmented projects the Carmel Chamber is currently working on.

Brand a Sustainable Environment for Future Carmel Generations

  1. CONVENE a ‘Schools Roundtable’ Quarterly
    1. Connect with Board Members
      1. Reverse Education: What do you think the Chamber is?
    2. Connect youth with CRA to discuss/voice with those who have history with the town and who are also leaders in the community
    3. Create Mentorships for Youth & Community
  2. IMPLEMENT a regular ‘Kid’s Walk’ visiting local businesses
  3. CONNECT & PARTNER w/ entrepreneurs & younger business owners to help build and spread their brand
  4. REINVIGORATE a student workforce pipeline which connects the needs of the businesses with student workers
  5. IMPLEMENT a new Program: ‘Leadership Carmel’
    1. 9 month comprehensive leadership course for those interested in getting a deeper understanding of the community and how all sectors work together to keep Carmel a vibrant village.
    2. Personal leadership skills building to elevate their workplace output

Continue to Enhance Communications Within Membership & to Our Community

  1. COLLABORATE with local leaders and influencers to foster relationships and encourage feedback with all Groups whether positive or negative to promote CLARITY over Rumor.
    1. CRA – Ask what the Chamber can do for their organization, Schedule Annual dinner and continue Ad Hoc committee to discuss common ground issues
    2. City Hall – Designate a Liaison for Council & City Commissions to attend meetings
    3. Guest Speakers – Invite quarterly to board meetings to say informed as an organization
  2. Continue BRAND reinforcement
    1. Continue diverse coverage on social media for members
    2. Continue weekly Business Walks and post on social media weekly
  3. Continue to DEVELOP PROTOCOLS for Communications
    1. Create a Buddy System where Board members invite someone new to every event
    2. Encourage Board Members to share Value of what Chamber promotes
    3. Continue to have GAC post meeting throughout 2020

Continue to Financial Stability

  1. DEVELOP a Stewardship subcommittee
    1. Create Annual Partner Program
    2. Provide VIP receptions for ELC’s at signature events
    3. Create Signage to be used throughout the year giving recognition to sponsors
    4. Review Sponsorship levels & pricing of Chamber events
  2. RESEARCH New Fundraising Methods (Not Events)
    1. Sister City for CBTS
    2. “Trade” Relationships with neighboring Chambers