Carmel Chamber Workplan

2018 Plan of Work “Closing the Loop”

Here is a list of Board appointmented projects the Carmel Chamber is currently working on.

Finish/Close the Loop on Projects from 2017

  1. Re-visit New Business Packets and make recommendations to City for revised versions
  2. Complete Shop Local Program to include new page on website to house information, resources, tips/tools/tricks etc.
  3. Continue to Advocate for Members (City, County, State & Federal Levels)
    1. Launch GAC (Government Affairs Committee)
      1. Finalize Process & Policy Statements
      2. Announce openings for committee members
      3. Set up website page
  4. Continue to Promote Sustainable Practices
  5. Finish Revising By-Laws to reflect current practices
  6. Develop Revised Board Member Commitments for attendance and participation
  7. Set up Calendar of Board Members to be Speakers at City Council/Visit Carmel Meetings

Continue to Enhance & Develop Communications Within Membership & to Our Community

  1. Continue Weekly Business Walks
    1. Report on feedback
  2. Set up calendar to host quarterly collaboration meetings with other groups to share information, resources and marketing opportunities where possible
  3. Invite Carmel Residents Association and Innkeepers Association as Guests to Board Mtgs/ELC Luncheons
  4. Look into Re-fresh of Website (costs and schedule)
  5. Continue to Develop/Enhance our Social Media Program
  6. Set up Calendar of E-camp articles on Various Business Related Topics/Issues

Continue to Improve Financials

  1. Promote New Member Tiers with Goal to Increase Membership
    1. Secure at least two (2) New Champion Level Member/Sponsors
    2. Achieve Retention Rate of 88%
  2. Develop a Workable Referral Program
    1. Board Member App to field referrals through
    2. Member Referrals with Incentives
  3. Develop New Programming
    1. Health & Wellness program
    2. Business Education Workshops & Seminars
      1. Disney Institute
  4. Create 501(c)3 Foundation to Secure Grant Funding for Programs and Services for Youth Entrepreneurship, New Businesses, Education, etc.
  5. Develop New Co-Event with neighboring Chamber
  6. Research Potential of Alternate Funding Relationship with City