Carmel Chamber Workplan

2019 Plan of Work

Here is a list of Board appointmented projects the Carmel Chamber is currently working on.

Brand Carmel as a Sustainable & Accessible Destination

  1. Create Resource Guide
  2. Partner with City to Pursue these items JOINTLY to increase our Civic Pride
    1. Work with the City to fund & install CBTS Water Refilling Stations
    2. Work with the City on Visibility of Recycling Cans
  3. Set Achievable Goals/Targets for each type of Business/Organization
  4. Offer Seminars
  5. Brand CBTS Reusable Aluminum Water Bottles
  6. Find ways to Reduce Paper Materials in the City

Continue to Enhance & Develop Communications Within Membership & to Our Community

  1. Encourage Feedback with all Groups whether positive or negative to provide CLARITY vs. Rumor
  2. Set up calendar to host quarterly collaboration meetings with other groups to share information, resources and marketing opportunities where possible
  3. Invite Carmel Residents Association, and other Affiliates to Board Mtgs, then establish ‘Next Steps’ once we’ve heard their opinions to seek rapport and common ground
    1. Ask what the Chamber can do for their group
  4. Continue BRAND Reinforcement with Chamber Social Media & Direct Email
  5. Chamber Event Protocols for Board
    1. Always Wear Name Tags
    2. Speak to every attendee & leave them with a takeaway (Card, Invitation to another event, etc.)
    3. Encourage Non-Members to become Members
  6. Set up a Communications Calendar Pairing Issues to Outreach

Continue to Financial Stability

  1. Develop New/Better Programming
    1. Discounts for Multiple Sign-Ups
  2. Create 501(c)3 Foundation to Secure Grant Funding for Programs and Services for Youth Entrepreneurship, Education, Scholarships, etc.
    1. April 1st Completion
  3. Develop New Village Event in Shoulder Months
    1. Focused on Community vs. Visitor
    2. EX: Health, Art, Sustainable (Body, Mind, Soul)
  4. Create Membership Committee
    1. Review Dues Structure
    2. Enhance ELC with more Exclusive Items
  5. Research New Fundraising Methods (Not Events)
    1. Sister City for CBTS
    2. “Trade” Relationships with neighboring Chambers