What We Do

What the Carmel Chamber Does

Catalyst for Business Growth

Connections to business prospects, networking opportunities, and relationships in a friendly, referral-based environment.

Access to business resources, information, and training to support the growth and professional development of you and your employees.

Savings on products and services through remember deals and member-only pricing for events.

Convener of Leaders & Influencers

Advocacy representation with elected officials, policy makers, and business leaders on local, regional, state, and federal platforms.

Influence over issues that directly impact your business.

Collaborations of business and community leaders to identify and solve challenges.

Champion for a Stronger Community

Inspire smart planning decisions for long-term community sustainability.

Identify strategic partnerships to benefit business retention and growth, workforce development, charitable giving, and leadership development.

Represent a vibrant community by responding to visitor needs and providing assistance through the Carmel Visitor Center.

Join the Carmel Chamber

The Carmel Chamber of Commerce uses the Western Association of Chamber Executive’s ‘The 3 C’s’ initiative (Catalyst, Convener, Champion) to help promote healthy businesses, through programs, marketing, and networking opportunities.

For questions, contact Kimberly Wolff, Director of Member Relations, at (831) 624-3877 x206 or membership@carmelchamber.org.