• Member Survey Results

  • 2016 AT&T Tournament and Super Bowl Survey

    This member survey asked about the affect of the Super Bowl and AT&T Golf Tournament in Carmel. Here are brief results: 20% of respondents had some business from Super Bowl fans. This included retail, hotel, and restaurants. Most respondents said they weren't affected or have a business that is not affected by events. When asked about business during the Golf Tournament, 25% said it was better than last year at the same time, 16% said it was worse and 60% said business was about the same as last year.

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    2015 Year End Membership Planning Survey

    Every year the chamber send out a survey to discover how businesses year went to determine what goals the chamber should have the following year.

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    2015 No Smoking Ordinance Survey

    Over 200 chamber members responded to the recent survey on the smoking ban proposed by Mayor Jason Burnett and Vice Mayor Ken Talmage. Of the respondents, 42% "really don't like the idea" and another 28% like the idea only if there are smoking areas created. The rest, 30 %, like the idea of a total ban. Those who like the idea felt that Carmel should lead on this issue. Those who didn't like the idea felt that a smoking ban is very unwelcoming particularly for the European and Chinese visitors. Many felt that smoking is not a problem here and that a total smoking ban would hurt the business community. Full results, including pages of comments, are available at the Chamber office. The issue of smoking in Carmel-by-the-Sea was to come up at the November 4 city council meeting, but because of a prolonged discussion on another topic, beach fires, the smoking ban discussion was postponed.

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    2015 Post Car Week Survey

    171 different surveys came back. When asked how they felt about having so many people in town for car week, 62% of respondents said "It was a great week". Another 26% said it either didn't affect their business or it reduced their business but they recognize its value anyway. 10% of the respondents didn't like the event because of traffic and parking. Asked "how was business" that week, 63% said excellent or pretty good, 19% said their business wasn't affected, and 19% said business was poor or not so good. Comments included Innkeepers who said they have the same guests year after year and they are always very happy. Another Innkeeper said their guests had "bought shoes, apparel, & jewelry". Another said "This is our most profitable week of the year"; "Huge boost to our economy that cannot be replicated by any other event"; or "the upscale demographic was perfect". Some merchants did very well while others felt that locals stay home so they missed out on business. Realtors felt generally that they made great contacts that would pay off later. Overall, the results were very positive.

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    2015 Parking & Pre Car Week Survey

    As always, we want to share the results of the membership survey entitled "Car week events, parking, visitor center". The majority of the 200 respondents live and/or work in Carmel-by-the-Sea. In answer to a question about shuttles from the Carmel Mission during the Tuesday and Thursday car events in Carmel-by-the-Sea during the August "car week", 25% thought their employees would take the shuttles, 47% said they wouldn't, and 28% said maybe. Asked whether they thought that visitors would take the shuttles, 58% said yes, 9% said no and 33% said maybe. Regarding the Chamber of Commerce Concours Café, which is primarily a beer garden, 67% liked the idea, 21% had no opinion, and 12% had concerns. Their concerns were that the beer garden would affect the restaurants (editor's note: restaurants have said this is their busiest day of the year so they are already full). It was no surprise that 50% of respondents did not like the parking kiosks, 37% said they didn't love them but could live with them, and 13% said they liked them. The final question regarded the Carmel Chamber of Commerce visitor center on San Carlos between 5th & 6th. Most businesses who responded have been to the visitor center, 87%, and most send visitors with questions there, 78%, while 17% answer questions themselves and 5% didn't know that there was a visitor center.

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