• Frequently Asked Chamber Questions

  • What is a Chamber of Commerce?

    An association, primarily of people in business, to promote the commercial interests of an area.

    - Dictionary.com

  • When can I join the Chamber?

    You can initiate a chamber membership any time of the year! Our membership investment rates are based on the time of year you join and our member benefits center around a calendar year. We have full year rates that include a listing in our annual publication, the Guide to Carmel, mid-year rates that pro-rate the investment for a partial year that do not include guide placement and end-of-year rates that pro-rate the last portion of the calendar year and include the next year in one bundle package.  Start your membership today!

  • When does the Guide to Carmel come out?

    Published annually, the Guide to Carmel is released every June 1. Local businesses must have a current chamber membership by April 1 to be included in the Guide. 

  • Does my business need to be located in Carmel to be a Carmel Chamber member?

    No! You do need to have a valid business license, but your physical location does not have to be in Carmel. About two-thirds of our current membership is in Carmel-by-the-Sea, but businesses who would like outreach to residents, businesses and visitors in Carmel will find a chamber membership beneficial to their economic growth.

  • How many members are in the Carmel Chamber?

    We average around 500 members and our retention rate is regularly around 85%.

  • What is the busiest time of the year in Carmel for businesses?

    Travelers from all over the world visit Carmel year-round! The summer season has the most visitors, followed by fall. The quietest time of year is winter with the exception of the week of the AT&T Pro-Am in February.